Our Story

The 801. This is the place.

It’s the mountains and the valleys. It’s Logan, SLC, Provo, St. George and everything in between. It’s local, authentic, and distinct. It’s unlike any other place you’ve ever been. It’s the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and the depths of the great Salt Lake. It’s Sundance, the point of the mountain, the belt route, and Park City. It’s the cityscape and the great outdoors. It’s the endless summers and the powdery snowy winters.

No matter what you ride or scale or play, we’ve got you. Whether you bleed blue, red, purple or green, you’re one of us. Whether you live here or are just passing through, the 801 defines us. It’s our way of life, and what a good life it is. We are sometimes peculiar, but always resilient.

It’s beautifully simple, a hidden gem of the west, and the place we call home…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The 801. If you were here, you'd know.